10 Tips to Prepare for Moving into Aged Care

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Are You Ready For The Big Move Into Your New Aged Care Facility?

Check out 10 of our top tips below to help you keep on top of the move:

1. De-Cluttering

Start sorting out old and unused items early to ensure that you're only having to move what you need.


2. Using Professional Packers

While DIY packing can save you money, it's time-consuming and you run the risk of injury. Consider using professional packers for the job.


3. Using a Reputable Removalist Company

Choosing a reputable removalist company means that you'll avoid any hidden costs, and ensure that your belongings will be transported safely and efficiently.


4. Notifying All Utility Providers

Ensure that you notify all your utility providers about your move. This way, you'll avoid any unexpected fees and bills.


5. Familiarising Yourself With Your New Home

Visiting your chosen aged care facility a few times and getting to know the residents will help with the transition.


6. Tell Your Family & Friends About The Move

Let your loved ones know that you are moving, and make sure they are aware of the visiting hours of the facility and any rules they may have.


7. Ensure Your Medical Matters Are In Order

Make a note of your current treatments and medication and let the staff at your facility know. Let your doctor and pharmacist know about your move and ask to have medical history sent through to your new doctor if you have to make a switch.


8. Communicate Wit Your Aged Care Facility

Talk to your new aged care facility about any questions or concerns you may have. This way, they'll be able to better address your needs and can better welcome you into your new home.


9. Do The Paperwork In One Sitting

You may feel overwhelmed with the forms needed for the move, but it can be more efficient and organised to set aside one sitting to fill them all out. Use a trusted adviser to assist you here to reduce the anxiety of it all.


10. Think About Self-Care

Moving into an aged care facility can be daunting, so make sure you use self-care strategies that work for you to keep your stress levels down.


This article was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover, a Sydney removalist company.

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