Aged Care & Technology – Do They Go Together?

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The aged care industry is rapidly changing. With the deregulation of home care funding there has been an increase of interest from international services and innovators. Various technology solutions are making an entrance into the aged care space.

Here are a few of the new notable services:


HomeStay Care

HomeStay Care offers an integrated platform for home care services. Services can be booked through an application on your smart phone, moving the scheduling of home care services from the provider directly to the consumer. They also offer an Intelligent Home service, where you can have an integrated home monitoring system through movement sensors, wearables and an intelligent hub offering you peace of mind as the system’s predictive analytics and notification systems flag deterioration and incidents. The platform will extend to other services in time.


Five Good Friends

This service delivers the traditional home care services using a unique service delivery model which enables consumers to pay one flat rate for in home services. Domestic Assistance, Personal Care, Transport, Home administration, Companionship and home handyman services are all charged at the same rate due to the membership model and application used for booking services. Five Good Friends boasts this model reduces consumer costs paying 20-50% less for home care services.


Care Collaborator

Care Collaborator is offering aged care providers an online platform to record, manage, monitor and report consumer data using an online portal. This cloud based technology removes the unnecessary delays caused by paperwork processing. Care Collaborator combines all the functions into a single solution; care plans, individualised budgets, and home care agreements kept in one secure location.


Capital Guardians

Capital Guardians is a funds management service offering consumers the ability to hold their home care packages online. Capital Guardians provides an opportunity for consumers to self manage their funds through an Approved Aged Care Provider but providing funds management and transparency for a low monthly fee. Aged Care Providers simply invoice the service and the consumer has access to all their financial transactions through Capital Guardians online portal.


With the changing tide in aged care service delivery models, is it time for the industry to adapt to these new innovations and forms of service delivery?

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