Care Assistance Available Over the Holiday Period

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Season’s Greetings! 


We're available to help you  

We want to let all our clients and readers know that DR Care Solutions will be available at all times during the Christmas, festive, Chanukah and family holiday period  to receive your call or email enquiry. 


Christmas and January is one of our busiest periods, particularly in the current environment where many adult children, based overseas, may still not be able to make it home. I know that some have decided to delay plans to avoid the hassle of pre-flight testing[1] and quarantine requirements[2] at a peak travelling time of the year. 

Clearly if you have family in Western Australia, you will not be getting together until well into the new year.  


The gift of company

If you do have a family member who, due to age or a disability, will not be venturing out on Christmas day and will be spending the day alone, consider having an in-home carer bring some cheer and a hearty lunch or dinner to enjoy in the comfort of your loved one’s home. 

While they may reassure us that they will be fine spending the day alone, when the day arrives it can be lonely and miserable. A visit from one of our compassionate and professional carers from care providers vetted by us, is a heart-warming gift to those feeling isolated.   

If your loved one needs extra assistance or if you wish to make sure someone visits and delivers a meal to your loved one on Christmas day, please get in early by calling or emailing me, Danielle Robertson, to discuss what care and support arrangements can be put in place. 


My best wishes for the season to all. 

- Contact Danielle - For An Impartial & Confidential Conversation+61 2 8526 6445



[1] For details on entry requirements for international visitors: Australian Government Department of Health Health Alerts

[2] NSW, Victoria and the ACT h ave no quarantine requirements (as at time of publish). 



Danielle Robertson

Danielle Robertson

Working with you and your support network to get the right care outcomes for you and your loved ones. Danielle Robertson is founder and CEO of DR Care Solutions, offering aged care and disability care concierge services and expertise on how to set up the right care, support and assistance for your loved one, at the right time and in the right place. Danielle's experience in the Australian care sector spans over three and a half decades. Now that's a lot of experience, wisdom and networks!