Case Study | A Family In Double Trouble

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At a client seminar hosted by their law firm in 2015, a couple saw a presentation from DR Care Solutions on "Planning Ahead: An Aged Care Discussion". The discussion points resonated with them. Two years later, they reached out to DR Care Solutions to solve their problem.


The Problem

The couple had an 84-year old mother with terminal bone cancer who was living with her 63-year old son who was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

In this scenario:

  • They had no formal care or support services in place.

  • They had no government funding in place.

  • The couple were attempting to manage the support and care required while also working full time.

  • There were two Commonwealth systems that needed to be engaged, My Aged Care for the mother, and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for the son. The family felt lost in the maze of systems, not knowing where to start or which direction to take.



The Care Solution

DR Care Solutions was engaged and within two weeks, DR Care Solutions:

  1. Completed a comprehensive care needs assessment of both the mother and the son.

  2. Developed a Life Plan© for both with clear recommendations on what should be implemented.

  3. Guided the couple through the process of obtaining Commonwealth Government funding via My Aged Care and the NDIS, for both care recipients.

  4. Introduced a quality Home Care provider, registered as an Approved Aged Care Provider, that could manage the funding for both My Aged Care and the NDIS.

  5. Oversaw the services of the Home Care provider as they introduced one suitably matched carer for each care service recipient, based on the description of their ideal carer outlined in the Life Plan©.



The Outcome

Funding was sourced via a My Aged Care Home Care Package for the mother and NDIS funding for the son, so that both could remain at home with good quality care!

Two years down the track the care is still in place, though the son has been placed into residential aged care due to his advancing dementia.

The son's NDIS carers continue to visit him in his residential care and take him on social outings three days a week.

With her home carer visiting on a regular basis, the mother remains at home and has not had to move into a hospice.

The couple who engaged DR Care Solutions were relieved of the stress of managing care systems and processes to achieve the outcome the family desired.


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Danielle Robertson

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