Case Study | 'Life Events' When You Have No Estate Plan in Place

Case Study | 'Life Events' When You Have No Estate Plan in Place

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DR Care Solutions was approach by a previous client to assist a friend of theirs. Jana*, a 78-year-old, fit lady, who was living independently suffered a sudden, severe and debilitating stroke. It resulted in an extended hospital stay under professional medical and nursing care. The hospital advised that the permanent disabilities Jana sustained were too severe for her to return home. Residential aged care was required.


The Problem

As a result of the event, the daughter and only living child, went into total shock. Jana had been so fit and well that they had never discussed what type of care she would want should a life event intervene.

Additionally, Jana had no estate plan in place. On losing physical and cognitive capacity, she had returned to speaking in her native tongue, Serbian.

In this scenario:

  • Jana's daughter was unaware of the types of care and accommodation available for her mother, and the My Aged Care system and processes.
  • The hospital was putting undue pressure on Jana's daughter to find a place as quickly as possible as Jana had now been in hospital for almost 12 weeks.
  • Jana's daughter was working full time as well as running her two teenage children to school and sporting activities. She was exhausted and extremely stressed.
  • The absence of an estate plan placed significant additional emotional stress and financial cost on Jana's daughter.



The Care Solution

DR Care Solutions was engaged and within five days, DR Care Solutions:

  • Referred Jana's daughter to an estate lawyer who assisted in approaching the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to obtain: guardianship orders; financial management orders; consent for treatment; and the documents required to move Jana into residential aged care (such as an Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian document).
  • Completed a comprehensive care needs assessment at Jana's hospital bedside, taking into account all her clinical care requirements in addition to the information supplied by her daughter and grandchildren as to her likes and dislikes, and the hobbies she previously enjoyed.
  • Developed a Life Plan© with clear recommendations on what could be implemented and quickly.
  • Conducted a comparative residential aged care facility report and toured the multiple facilities that had the expertise to manage the complex care required, in the family's preferred location.
  • Provided Jana's daughter with a list of pros and cons in relation to each facility visited.
  • Although too late in Jana's case, discussed the importance of having estate planning completed well in advance of a life event occurring, stimulating the beginning of the process for family members.



The Outcome

This beautiful contented lady was relocated into a lovely residential aged care facility within the week. It was close to where her daughter lived, and, to Jana's pleasure, three carers and two other residents at the facility also all spoke Serbian also.

The estate planning documents were finalised.

DR Care Solutions visited Jana at the end of her first month at the facility. The visit confirmed that she was being well cared for.

Discussions with Jana's daughter revealed that she was extremely relieved knowing that she could visit her mother any time she wished. She was also greatly relieved to have her mother placed in such a good facility providing wonderful care. It has given her peace of mind knowing her mother has the best possible care for the rest of her life.

DR Care Solutions visited Jana at the end of her first month at the facility. The visit confirmed that she was being well cared for.


* Names have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of subjects.

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