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A pre-eminent estate lawyer met with one of his clients, the care recipient, and her daughter who were quite concerned about the care being provided by a very large national Home Care provider. Their lawyer referred them to DR Care Solutions.


The Problem

The client was 91 years of age at the time and her vision was deteriorating as a result of macular degeneration. She was living at home with the following care arrangements:

  • Carers attending daily, with those carers supplied by a care provider that sub-contracted care staff from seven different care providers.

  • There was no care plan, and consequently no care routine, in place.

  • As the client was vision impaired, she could not track who was coming or when, and her medications and eye drops were not being administered.

  • There was no communication between the provider and the sub-contracted carers.


In this scenario, the care recipient's:

  • Condition appeared to be deteriorating, leading the daughter to consider that her mother needed to move into residential aged care.

  • Housekeeping budget was increasing weekly as the carers would take the mother shopping to purchase food, cook the food and leave it in the fridge. With her vision impairment, the client was unaware of what to eat or whether the food was out of date.

  • Nerves were tested as different carers appeared at her door each day. There was no consistency.



The Care Solution

DR Care Solutions was engaged and within two weeks, DR Care Solutions:

  1. Undertook a comprehensive care needs assessment of the care recipient, with her daughter present.

  2. Developed a Life Plan© with clear recommendations on what should be implemented.

  3. Introduced an ‘Approved Aged Care Home Care Provider’ who, in turn, selected a team of four carers with one appointed team leader. A communication book was set up, as was a medication register.



The Outcome

The 94-year old care recipient became more settled with her ‘team of carers’. Her macular degeneration stabilised as she was getting the drops and medications at the right time on a daily basis. Significant housekeeping funds were saved as food was purchased and stored appropriately.

Now 95 years of age, the DR Care Solutions' client enjoys a wonderful relationship with her team of carers as they: visit garden centres, family and friends; go to church; take outings to shop and lunch.

The client's desire was to remain at home in good health. We have met that request with good quality care.


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Danielle Robertson

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