Case Study | The Great Escape: Extending Home Living

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While commencing the paperwork for permanent residential care, at the request of his client's family, the financial adviser approached DR Care Solutions to discuss the most appropriate care solution.

The savvy adviser had a feeling that his client, after an extended period of respite, wasn’t quite ready for permanent residential aged care.

DR Care Solutions was brought in to assess the client while he was still in respite to determine the right care solution for him.


The Problem

The client was 75 years of age with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease and mild dementia. He lived alone. Suffering the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, including hand tremors, the gentleman continued to drop his medications and consequently was uncertain of what medications he had taken. The situation was compounded by the lack of nutritious meals, extreme loneliness, and continual falls. He was assessed as a high risk of falls. The family felt their only option was to place their dad into residential aged care.

In this scenario:

  • The family had no formal care or support services and no government funding in place.

  • The client's ex-wife, his daughter and son continued to pop in on a regular basis to check up on him. They all worked full time and their concern about his welfare added additional stress to their lives.

  • The father was despondent having lost much of his independence. Given the falls risk, he had to give up his regular walking, of up to 5km a day. He lost his drivers’ licence at 72 years of age and had to rely on others to transport him to appointments. He spent a lot of time sleeping due to lack of occupation and companionship.

  • His home required minor modifications to enable him to remain living there.

  • The family felt they had no option other than to place him into respite care, with a view to permanent care.



The Care Solution

DR Care Solutions was engaged and within two weeks, DR Care Solutions:

  • Completed a comprehensive care needs assessment of the client while he was still in respite care. During the assessment he asked whether we were there to "help him escape". It was evident that he was aware of his surroundings and was not happy.

  • Developed a Life Plan© with clear recommendations on what could be implemented to enable him to return home safely.

  • Introduced a quality HomeCare Provider, registered as an Approved Aged Care Provider, who could manage the My Aged Care funding of his Level 3 HomeCare Package.

  • Oversaw the services of the HomeCare provider as they introduced a team of suitably matched carers based on our description of ideal carers, as requested by the client in their Life Plan©.

  • Organised monitoring devices and minor modifications to the home.


The Outcome

The client returned home with his team of quality carers in place.

Daily activities of interest were organised to keep him physically and cognitively stimulated. He had daily companionship and support to maintain his home and garden. A variety of foods were prepared for him as his taste buds had altered. Medications were taken at the appropriate time each day, and this helped stabilise his condition and prevent further falls.

The client was able to remain at home alone overnight as the monitoring device had a ‘falls detection’ capability. Quality HomeCare was introduced as a one-month trial and ended up continuing for a further 18 months longer than anticipated! His condition then deteriorated to a point where he required 24/7 care.

Financially, in-home care was not financially viable for the client and he was admitted to permanent residential aged care. He is now comfortable in his new environment and receiving good quality care.

Through engaging DR Care Solutions, the family were relieved of the stress of managing care systems and processes to achieve the desired outcome.

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Danielle Robertson

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