Case Study | Trigger Event Demands More Disability Care

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A 52-year-old gentleman living with Huntington’s Disease was living independently in his own home until a fall. The fall caused a leg fracture and he was hospitalised. His condition had been gradually deteriorating before the fall and once hospitalised he was assessed as a high falls risk. After months in hospital, his Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian contacted DR Care Solutions requesting assistance in sourcing quality care and appropriate accommodation to suit his friend's needs, wants and wishes.


The Problem

Firstly, the client had previously been living independently in an upstairs shared house. This was not going to be suitable for him after hospitalisation given that his mobility had been significantly reduced.

The client wanted DR Care Solutions to find a suitable two-bedroom apartment on a ground floor level and near a station on the North Shore of Sydney. He did not wish to go into residential aged care or a group home. He was explicit with his desire to remain independent for as long as possible.

Secondly, the client required quality care to come in daily to support him with activities of daily living, medication, meals and accompanying him to and from medical appointments and other outings.

The National Disability and Insurance Scheme Agency (NDIS) had not yet been contacted. The client and their guardian needed support and guidance through the complex NDIS system to apply for funding support for the requested care.


The Care Solution

DR Care Solutions was engaged and within two weeks, DR Care Solutions:

  • Undertook a comprehensive care needs assessment of the client while he was still in hospital.

  • Developed a Life Plan© with clear care recommendations for appropriate care on a daily basis.

  • In conjunction with his close friends, sourced rental apartments that suited the client's requirements and went to inspections to ‘risk assess’ apartments for the client.

  • Secured a suitable apartment, arranged furniture purchases and relocated the client from hospital.

  • Introduced an ‘Approved Aged Care Home Care Provider’ who selected a team of carers to visit the client daily.

  • Explained to the client and his friends the expected delays in NDIS funding and the need for funding support from friends to pay for ‘fee for service’ home care until the funding came through. His friends pulled together to meet the temporary financial need.



The Outcome

The client is now settled in his own home with a team of dedicated carers visiting daily to manage domestic and housekeeping tasks and organise daily activities of interest. In line with his wishes, he is remaining at home for as long as possible.

As the client's condition is degenerative, DR Care Solutions re-assesses and reviews the care provided on a regular basis. It is likely that in time, the client may need to move into a facility that can manage his future high care needs. DR Care Solutions maintains in contact with the Home Care provider, the client and his Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian.

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Danielle Robertson

Danielle Robertson

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