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In the past week I have received a spike in calls from expat and interstate children seeking care visits for their suddenly isolated parents. With social distancing measures in place, they can no longer rely on the usual assistance of fit and able elderly relatives and friends.

Here's my advice if you're also in this situation:



1) Arrange Private In-Home Care


Arranging private in-home care, rather than government subsidised in-home care, is the fastest way of putting in place care visits.

Depending on whether your loved one is located in a regional or capital city, the in-home care provider may charge private care fees of between $50 (regional) to $110 (capital and major cities) per visit.

In the COVID-19 environment, the level of service given for that fee may vary. Due to now stretched resources, the fee may deliver essential services only, such as: showering, a meal on the table, medication checks, unaccompanied shopping, and the domestic cleaning of bathroom and kitchen areas.


2) Register for Government Subsidised In-Home Care


Start the process of seeking government subsidised in-home care through the Federal Government's My Aged Care service but be prepared for a lengthy process of at least six weeks.

Assessments under the Federal Government's Commonwealth Home Support Program may now occur more quickly as they move from face-to-face to over the phone assessments. However, once assessed, your requested subsidised care service may sit on a long waitlist.

To cover the care of your loved in the interim, my advice is to pay the private fees of a reputable in-home care provider.


3) Call on the Neighbours


If the private fees are too high, then consider calling your loved one's neighbours for assistance. Make sure the neighbours are fit and able, under 70 years of age, and do their best to follow the Federal Government's hygiene protocols.


4) Call on DR Care Solutions for Personal Guidance & Immediate Action


Navigating My Aged Care, finding a reputable care service provider, and pursuing subsidised care is challenging at the best of times but even more so in the COVID-19 environment.

For expats seeking support for their Australian-based loved one, DR Care Solutions is taking enquiries around the clock. Simply email me, Danielle Robertson, to arrange an initial discussion.

Our Solution

On engagement, we will:

  • Conduct an assessment of your loved one remotely by telephone interview. If you are the primary care giver, you will be invited to participate in the call.
  • Prepare a Life Plan™. The plan outlines the amount and type of support appropriate for your loved one.
  • Arrange a reputable in-home care service provider to provide the support. Our network of reputable providers take all the necessary hygiene precautions for their care workers and domestic cleaners. They all use personal protective equipment. Emphasis is placed on domestic cleaning, ensuring that surfaces within your loved one's home are sanitised.
  • Monitor the newly installed arrangement through phone calls to your loved one and the visiting care workers.
  • Assist you with the process of obtaining government-subsidised assistance.



If you need advice on aged care support, either in-home or residential, for your loved one, please reach out to me, Danielle Robertson at DR Care Solutions, for an initial discussion on how to set up the right care, support and assistance for your loved one, at the right time and in the right place.

- Contact Danielle - For An Impartial & Confidential Conversation


Danielle Robertson

Danielle Robertson

Working with you and your support network to get the right care outcomes for you and your loved ones. Danielle Robertson is founder and CEO of DR Care Solutions, offering aged care and disability care concierge services and expertise on how to set up the right care, support and assistance for your loved one, at the right time and in the right place. Danielle's experience in the Australian care sector spans over three and a half decades. Now that's a lot of experience, wisdom and networks!