Case Study | Finding a Residential Care Solution During COVID-19

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The Scenario

*Lawrence, an 82 year-old father and a widower, had had a fall and was recovering in the Tweed Hospital, Tweed Heads. The hospital care assessment recommended that Lawrence be moved directly to a local aged care home initially for respite until the family sorted out a permanent arrangement.


The Problem

Lawrence's Sydney-based children did not fully agree with the recommendation. They wanted their father closer to them and they wished to avoid the upheaval of two moves, one from a Tweed Heads aged care home to then a Sydney aged care home.

The matter became a race against time as the hospital sought to discharge Lawrence immediately. An additional pressure was that this all took place in mid-March 2020, a time in which aged care facilities started implementing complete lock downs to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks.


The Care Solution

Within two weeks, DR Care Solutions resolved the problem through the following steps:

  • A discussion with Lawrence's Sydney-based children to better understand their father's needs and their preferences.
  • Completed a comprehensive care needs assessment for Lawrence, remotely, using the discussion points and the hospital's aged care assessment.
  • Developed a Life Plan™ with clear recommendations on what could be implemented.
  • Conducted a Care360 Report which is a bespoke comparative software platform. The software scores aged care homes in terms of: their location; the client's needs, wants and wishes; their pricing; and the client's financial means.
  • The report identified ten suitable aged care homes. DR Care Solutions established which homes had availability and, in the COVID-19 environment, which homes were offering inspections and rooms for the now mandatory 14-day quarantine period for new residents.
  • Accompanied Lawrence's children to inspect seven aged care homes, with one inspection taking place virtually. The process produced a short list of three suitable homes.
  • A financial adviser accredited in aged care was introduced by DR Care Solutions to Lawrence's children to help them establish which facility was within their father's financial means and how it could be paid for, whether by sale of his home, equity release and/or sale of shares or other income.



The Outcome

With this professional advice in hand, the children chose their preferred aged care home and Lawrence was moved to his new Sydney home within three days of the decision. Lawrence's daughter flew to Tweed Heads to discharge her father from hospital, pack some of his personal belongings, accompany him back to Sydney, and welcome him to his new home.

The isolation of Lawrence's first 14 days - the required COVID-19 quarantine period - was lessened by: the bright sunny aspect of his room; setting up his iPad for Facetime and WhatsApp messaging with his grandchildren; and access to Foxtel on his television. The latter certainly brought great joy!

The subsequent testimonial received from Lawrence's son says it all:

"Danielle, we were in a tough spot after Dad’s fall in Tweed Heads and desperate to get him into care before the COVID-19 doors closed in Sydney.

We know you moved mountains and we are forever grateful that we secured the right place for him in nearby Lane Cove.

It took a Herculean effort to do this inside two weeks – we need a rest but best wishes for your future success."

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Danielle Robertson

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