Sick? Hospital vs Health Care at Home

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Illness and disease is often associated with sterile, white walled and bustling hallways of western hospitals. When someone is diagnosed with a new condition their mind often starts searching for cures and management plans associated with Western Medical Institutions. Western Society is conditioned to believe that medical treatment only exists behind the walls of towering hospital blocks and bustling medical clinics. Outside of the medical institutions there are other care options provided by the private health sector as well as non for profit sectors and community services.

Alternatives to medical care exist outside the hospital.

These include:


Community Care

Community Care is the management of health care services whilst living at home or in the community through the care of General Practitioners, Specialists and community service providers. Some conditions can be managed in the patient's own home using a virtual team of medical staff and community services. These teams work in collaboration in an integrated care model to ensure the patient has access to all the required care services. This may include allied health (nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists, nutritionists etc), assistive technology, transport services, home care and case management.


Hospital in the Home Services

Some health organisations provide options to receive hospital care at home. In this model, medical and care staff come to your home to provide the medical treatments. Hospital equipment, consumables and staff may be deployed from the hospital and/or other organisations to provide patient care in their home. Services may be limited to the nature of the medical need and how practical it is to deliver services at home. These can also include end of life care (palliative care) in the home.


In-Home Nursing Services

Hospital nursing teams can also be deployed to provide services in the patient home. This is often referred to a Community Nursing. Generally funded by the Local Health District, some clinical services such as wound management and medication management can be managed at home by a registered nurse. In addition, specialised and general nursing services can also be purchased through private nursing agencies. Care will often be overseen or managed by the patient's General Practitioner.


Alternative Medicines

Alternative medicines are growing in Western Culture after shedding its reputation and branding itself into complementary medicine and building evidence based practices. This has paved the way for a tolerance in mainstream society and a preference amongst sub cultures. Alternative medicines include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy
  • Chinese Medicine


There are a multitude of private practitioners now delivering alternative medicine options to patients. Alternative medicine can also be used to complement the western medical model.

When looking for health care options it is important to engage a professional who understands the complex nature of health care services.

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