Rewarding Work for Early Retirees: Join The Care Workforce

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When retirement plans are suddenly brought forward - as many Australians experience - many find themselves feeling as though they still have a lot more to give.

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Last week, we discussed[1] how the retirement plans of many Australians are often unexpectedly brought forward a decade with the average Australian retiring at 55.4 years of age. Surprising to some, the highest percentage of unemployment benefit recipients is in this age group.

According to a recent Australian Seniors survey[2], after their 2020/2021 pandemic experience almost all of this over 50 demographic is wishing to re-enter the workforce for reasons of: bolstering their finances (50%), missing the workplace (19%), boredom (18%), and social connection (17%).

Three in four Australians over 50 would like to keep working indefinitely if they are well supported and have flexible working conditions. The same number are prepared to or have already re-skilled.

I ask all Australians seeking work to consider pursuing a rewarding role caring for others and join the care workforce. If you are looking for meaning and purpose, you’ll find it here.


Care work benefits

It is paid work. The hours are flexible. The work is easy to find. You’ll certainly experience no ageism in seeking a role. The work is supported - with free training available through JobTrainer and employers having comprehensive employee policies and procedures in place as part of being a Government-approved provider of aged care. 

Better still, what could be more rewarding than helping people live independently with dignity in their own home?

In caring for older Australians, carers speak of the many heart-felt benefits derived - “a beautiful friendship”; “learnt how to approach life”; “learnt to appreciate each day and live in the moment”; “an understanding that life is short”; and “a true belief that love and generosity brings a happy life”.[3]


- Case Study: Ross -

Take Ross[4], for example, who in his 50s left his 20-year career in the recycling industry and stint as a business owner to retrain to be a professional aged carer.

Ross speaks of the misconceptions around working in aged care and the need for people to understand the breadth of work available, and how it can set you up for the future. 

“Firstly, the amount of work available is phenomenal. There are vacant jobs, vacant shifts – if you are looking for flexibility and work available when you want it, there’s a huge amount available in aged care, and it’s only going to increase,” he says.

“It’s really rewarding, really humbling. To be able to care for people is great, and they’re really warm, they’re eager to have someone to talk to.”


Fee-free courses available

Last week the Federal Budget announced funding for an additional 15,000 low fee and free training places in aged care courses being made available from January 2023.

This is in addition to the 33,800 training places currently available under the Australian Government’s JobTrainer Aged Care Boost.[5]

There is no better time to consider taking up this offer and completing a Certificate III in Aged Care Support through JobTrainer[6].


What does the work involve?

The support you provide as a carer might include:

  • Helping with shopping, laundry, cleaning, bill paying or meal preparation;

  • Helping with eating, dressing, showering, hygiene or mobility;

  • Assisting with exercise regimes;

  • Teaching and helping with the use of tools and technology, e.g. for opening jars or climbing stairs;

  • Transport and accompanying to medical appointments;

  • Arranging social outings, and accompanying the person to community events or recreational activities;

  • Providing companionship, conversation and emotional support.


Run through these questions[7] to see if a carer role is right for you.


I encourage you to explore the rewarding and varied work opportunities available in aged care and look into the opportunity to retrain through JobTrainer.


If you are seeking care for a loved, please don’t hesitate to call me, Danielle Robertson, for an initial discussion on how to set up the right care, support and assistance at the right time and in the right place.

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