'The Reinvention of the Wheelchair' - the WHILL Model C2

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WHILL Model C2 - "the wheelchair version of the Tesla car" - won the prestigious 2021 Good Design Award of the Year, and we're celebrating it on International Wheelchair Day 2022.

'The Reinvention of the Wheelchair' - the WHILL Model C2 | International Wheelchair Day 2022

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Described as a “superb rethinking and reinvention of the wheelchair” by the Good Design Award of the Year[1] jury, this electric powered chair with its sleek design and smartphone App functionality is a stand out and is sure to give a confidence boost to its users.

Founded in 2012 by three Japanese engineers in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, WHILL[2] set out to change negative perceptions of personal mobility devices through design and technology.

And they have done so. Ten years on they have released their third version of the modern wheelchair, the WHILL Model C2 and now have more than 200 employees in six offices across the globe.


Let’s get to the features of the WHILL Model C2

  • Design. Its design alone is a talking point. Streamlined and reflecting the essence of modern design, users speak of how bystanders take note and are quick to engage in conversation on its attributes – all of which boosts the user’s confidence and levels of wellbeing.

  • Omni Wheels. A key feature is its front omni wheels. These patented wheels: allow a tight turning radius and sideways movement; travel over uneven surfaces including grass, gravel and two inch curbs; and have a lifespan of 2,000 kilometres.

  • Seat. The seating is more upright than a conventional wheelchair, and this more engaged position makes the user feel more liberated.

  • Electric Battery. The electric battery has an 18 kilometre range per charge and can be charged (from zero to 100%) within five hours, so overnight.

  • Speed Range. The speed range can be customised, going as high as eight kilometres per hour.

  • Smart. Like a Tesla, you can drive the chair from an App downloaded on your smartphone. The same App allows you to check battery levels, adjust the speed level and lock the chair remotely.

  • Disassembly. For carers, the disassembly features are a highlight. While the total weight of the chair is 51 kilograms it can be easily dissembled into five pieces that neatly fit in a car boot. The heaviest of the pieces is 20 kilograms.

  • And much more! There are a multitude of other features that make it special, they include: its water resistance; the ability to personalise the arms with one of eight colours of choice; and a range of accessories such as a walking stick holder, dust cover and shopping basket. See more here:



The chair is on the market for around AUD$8,000 and is available in Australia.

As we celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has on a wheelchair user’s life on International Wheelchair Day[3] (1 March 2022) let’s also celebrate the engineering genius of Satoshi Sugie, Muneaki Fukuoka and Jun Naito, the co-founders of WHILL!



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[1] Good Design Week Awards 2021 Winner 
[3] International Wheelchair Day



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