Why is Nutrition So Important as You Age?

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A common question I am asked by my clients is, “Why is nutrition so important as you age?” The ageing process is full of concerns around health, mobility, aids, care and all sorts of other issues. Nutrition is an important factor of ageing that needs to be considered and planned for.

As people age, they become more at risk of illnesses and diseases such as diverticulitis, osteoporosis, hypertension, arthritis and glaucoma. With ageing, lifestyle and health needs changing, this often leads to the person developing chronic diseases and comorbidities. Lifestyle changes may be due to reduced mobility as a result of health issues; reduced social interaction as a result of limited transport options or changes in financial capacity due to reduced income. This can impact appetite as well as the ability to access and prepare nutritious meals which support and assist healthy ageing. The consumption of foods without the essential vitamins, minerals and fibres may create negative outcomes to health in ageing potentially causing issues with physical, cognition and emotional capacity over time.

Nutrition for the elderly is important and seeking professional help is critical. Your local General Practitioner, Dietician or Nutritionist can help develop a personalised meal plan to suit your individual needs. These plans will take into consideration your personal circumstances, lifestyle, health conditions and ageing goals. One might think that this intervention may be quite costly. However, these services can even be funded through the Medicare Benefits Scheme. A General Practitioner can refer you to Allied Health Services through a ‘Team Care Arrangement’. Team Care Arrangements provide up to five-funded Allied Health visit to professionals such as Dieticians, Nutritionists, as well as Podiatrists and Physiotherapists.

With the development of technology, it is easy to turn to the internet to access information about health and nutrition, or even ask friends and family for advice. “Dr Google” and your friends, relatives and neighbours can actually be quite convincing. However, they may be providing anecdotal advice or general advice, which is not specific to your personal circumstances and needs.

When preparing for healthy ageing, it’s important to get nutrition right early to avoid complications later. DR Care Solutions considers all aspects of a client’s care regime that may be required into the future to optimise a healthy ageing process. Planning for care includes lifestyle, health and nutrition considerations to support clients make informed choices thus maximising the health outcomes in ageing. For more information please feel free to contact Danielle Robertson, DR Care Solutions.

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