Emergency Care Planning Applied At Emotional Time

Case Study: Residential Aged Care - Emergency Care Planning Applied At An Emotional Time

When Bob, caring full-time for his wife, June, living with dementia, suddenly died, the family needed to find alternative appropriate care for June. With foresight, the family had engaged DR Care Solutions a year prior and could rely on the Life Plan™ that had been created for them, giving them space to grieve their loss without the added stress of arranging care.

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Placement Solution Found for a 'Difficult' Patient

Case Study - Residential Aged Care - Residential Placement Solution Found For Difficult Patient-min

When Bruce, who is living with dementia, had a fall, his condition was worsened and his aggression became more prevalent. His loving wife and carer, Doreen*, was asked to seek urgent residential care for Bruce, but no one was willing and/or able to take on the risk of an aggressive resident. A close friend had become very concerned and contacted us for assistance.

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Independent Living at 95 Years of Age

Case Study - In-Home Aged Care - Independent Living at 95 Years of Age

Having lived independently all her life in a large home, Lucille was keen to return home and to her previous life as quickly as possible after an ankle surgery. However, she was unable to put weight on it and too frail to use crutches, and family became aware that she was already having difficulty preparing nutritious meals for herself and maintaining her home.

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Independent Living With a Disability

Case Study - In-Home Disability Care - Independent Living With A Disability

A keen sportsman and family man, Will's life changed when a skiing accident caused brain injury that triggered a stroke. He was given 35 hours of care per week. Ten years later, the deterioration of Will's condition meant he needed an even higher level of care. With bad experiences while in respite care, Will was sure of one thing: he wanted to be cared for at home.

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Inadequate In-Home Care Services

Case Study - In-Home Aged Care - Inadequate In-Home Care Services

The family were concerned their legally blind 93 year old mother was not receiving adequate care from her HomeCare provider. On investigation, Ruth's HomeCare provider had subcontracted her services to seven different care providers and none were across her holistic care plan. The carousel of different carers left Ruth feeling more vulnerable and confused.

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Rightsizing Living Arrangements

Case Study - Retirement Living - Rightsizing Living Arrangements

Ted and Jen lived in their own home, a two-storey townhouse. Both had health issues but were cognitively fine, and Ted was susceptible to falls. They knew it was time to rightsize their living arrangements, but weren't sure of their options nor where to begin their search. Their seven adult children were keen to see them settled within 12 months.

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A Couple Too Late for Home Care

Case Study - Residential Aged Care - A Couple Too Late For Home Care

At ages 87 and 83, this couple lived in their own home without support, care or assistance. The husband was living with dementia, the wife suffering cognitive decline, and both were diabetic. They would not allow anyone into their home, they appeared dirty, dishevelled and undernourished. Yet they continued to refuse help from their sons.

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'Life Event' Without An Estate Plan

Case Study - Residential Aged Care - Life Event Without An Estate Plan

Fit at 78 and living independently, Jana did not expect the severe and debilitating stroke she suddenly suffered. With the resulting permanent disabilities too severe for her to return home, she and her daughter were left in shock, uncertain where to begin their search for residential care nor how to even begin organising Jana's estate plan.

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Residence Chosen By Grandchildren

Case Study - Residential Aged Care - Residence Chosen By Grandchildren

Jan was diagnosed with early onset dementia with a rapid cognitive decline. Her husband, Jack, was also struggling with his own serious health conditions; he could no longer keep up with the increased level of care Jan required. For her safety, residential care was the best option; but Jan was concerned her grandchildren would not want to visit her there.

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Returning from Respite Care to a Modified Home

Case Study - In-Home Aged Care - Returning from Respite Care to a Modified Home

Busy executive, Sarah, and her siblings became concerned that their father, who was living with dementia and residing a significant distance from them all, would become socially isolated and cause his condition to deteriorate more rapidly. After a trial living at each of his children's residences, their father was insistent on returning home to his circle of friends.

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Emergency In-Home & Residential Care

Case Study - In-Home Aged Care & Residential Aged Care - Emergency In-Home & Residential Care

When her father, the primary carer for her mother who has ongoing and complex health issues, suffered a sudden stroke, Wendy needed urgent support. A busy executive at a management consulting company, she wasn't sure how she would find the time to navigate the care industry, care arrangements and accommodation required for both her parents.

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Finance Industry & Community Groups

Case Study - Speaking Engagements - Finance Industry & Community Groups-min

Our message is that the key to quality living in your senior years is to plan ahead and get your affairs in order well before a life event occurs. During our speaking engagements, we discuss the importance of planning for your own ageing needs and accommodation, having the hard conversations, and getting your legal documents in order.

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