When her father, who was the primary carer for her mother, experienced a sudden stroke, Wendy* needed urgent support. An executive at a management consulting company, Wendy wasn't sure how she would find the time to navigate the care required for both her parents.

DR Care Solutions In-Home & Residential Aged] Care Case Study: Emergency In-Home & Residential Care

The Problem

It was late March 2021 and Wendy's father, the primary carer of her mother, had just been hospitalised after a sudden stroke and extremely high blood pressure.

The hospital was going to discharge him when DR Care Solutions was called in. Wendy and her sister were very concerned that their father would end up having another stroke or worse due to the enormous stress he was under as the carer of his wife. His wife has ongoing complex health issues.

The Care Solution

We spoke with the hospital staff and advised them of the duty of care not to discharge the patient until in-home care was in place.

We promptly undertook a full care needs assessment with the mother (via Zoom) and the father in the hospital (via Zoom). A double Life Plan™ was prepared outlining their wants and wishes. It established that the couple were ready to move into a residential aged care facility and would accept in-home care until they found the residence of their choice.

With speed, we issued the double Life Plan™ to several quality in-home care providers on the DR Care Solutions Care Provider Network. Easter was fast approaching and lockdown restrictions were increasing. One of the providers on our network advised they had the perfect in-home carers for this couple.

We introduced the selected care provider via Zoom and they were accepted by the clients. The pressure from the hospital to vacate the hospital bed was quickly resolved. The father returned home with care and support in place. He was able to spend Easter with his wife and family with the support of quality carers who, in addition to providing personal care were also wonderful home makers. They undertook the domestic duties that the father had been struggling to keep up with while caring for his wife.

Meanwhile, using our bespoke software on residential aged care facilities across Australia, we produced a comparative platform report to identify facilities located close to both daughters.

It was an urgent placement. We were able to locate a facility with two rooms side by side and near to both daughters. The bonus was that the rooms had balconies with fresh air coming in. The daughters cried when we advised them of what we had been able to achieve in such a short amount of time.

The Outcome

The couple relocated the week after Easter, two weeks after the father’s hospital discharge.

Now in residential care their health has improved and stress levels have reduced dramatically. Both having good cognition, they reflected that they were not coping at home and now enjoy being ‘cared for’ with meals prepared for them and their cleaning done. They also enjoy joining the social activities just down the corridor.

They spend time together but also have their own rooms to have their own space. Danielle visited them when lockdown restrictions eased, and they could not thank DR Care Solutions enough for organising such a great outcome.

We also introduced an aged care accredited financial adviser to help the couple work on a strategy to help them to pay for their residential care, without recourse to their daughters.

* Names have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of subjects.

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