Sarah*, a busy executive working in a national law firm, and her siblings became concerned that their father, who is living with dementia and residing a significant distance from them all, would become socially isolated and cause his condition to deteriorate more rapidly.

DR Care Solutions Residential Respite Care to In-Home Aged Care Case Study: Returning from Respite Care to a Modified Home

The Problem

Sarah, a busy executive, needed some guidance and support for her father who is living with dementia. The pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 had the four adult children concerned that their father, living alone on the Central Coast of NSW, was socially isolated - causing his condition to deteriorate more rapidly and making him prone to trips and falls in the home.

The adult children, living in Sydney, Canberra, Mittagong and Wagga, weighed in by having their father reside with them from one week to a month at a time. However, with all working full-time, the strain on their own family life came to a head. Their father started insisting that he return to the Central Coast and his circle of friends.

The Care Solution

The adult children reached a solution with their father. It involved:

  • Modifying his home to make it safe;

  • Finding respite care on the Central Coast for the six-week renovation period; and

  • Once completed, arranging regular in-home care. A self-funded retiree, the father had the means to fund 24/7 in-home care.

The decision-making process proceeded smoothly as the legal paperwork was in place, with two of the adult children able to make the solution happen through their Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian documents.

The Outcome

DR Care Solutions was engaged by the two adult children representatives to bring the solution to fruition. We met with the father, with the two representatives present, via Zoom to establish his wants and wishes and draw up a Life Plan™ that respected them.


Arranging Residential Facility Respite Care

Using our bespoke software on residential aged care facilities across Australia, we produced a comparative platform report to identify the top 10 facilities on the Central Coast.

Tours of residential aged care facilities were undertaken via Zoom with the father, the two representatives and Danielle Robertson present. Pandemic restrictions prevented visitor entry to the residences. Fortunately, Danielle had visited the facilities in person prior to the pandemic and this helped find the ideal residential facility for respite care.

The father was relocated back to a residential care facility on the Central Coast in August 2021 for a six-week stay.


Arranging In-Home Care

Meanwhile, we sent the client’s Life Plan™ to several quality home care providers on the DR Care Solutions Care Provider Network. All providers on the Network are vetted by us.

One of the providers advised that they had a perfect team of four experienced and skilled carers, with dementia experience, to manage this gent’s care and home support. We organised for that provider to undertake a risk assessment of the home. We then handed the risk assessment to an occupational therapist who confirmed the necessary home modifications. A builder and other tradesmen were engaged to commence work to make the home safe for this gent and his carers.

The father returned to his modified home in mid-October 2021 with 24-hour in-home care in place. He has settled into a daily and weekly routine with his carers. He obtained a Level 4 Home Care package which assists with some of the costs.

The family are keen to keep him at home for as long as possible. If his condition deteriorates or his behaviour alters, residential aged care may need to be investigated.

So far, the home modification and in-home care arrangement has been a great outcome for the father and his family.

* Names have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of subjects.

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