Senior managers, CEOs and directors in the care sector tap into Danielle’s experience by engaging her for process improvement and business development assignments.




Through her conference speaking, Danielle keeps the sector and other stakeholders such as financial and estate planners informed of industry changes and best practice care provision.




Danielle’s thorough knowledge of the cost of care sees her continued engagement as an expert witness in court proceedings where damages claims are being determined for people who have been orphaned or have sustained permanent injuries.




For more than 20 years, solicitors and barristers have called on us to calculate the cost of care for people orphaned or who have sustained permanent disabilities as a result of work-related accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and negligence.


Our principal, Danielle Robertson, regularly appears in the Supreme, District and Family Courts as an expert witness on the cost of care. If you need to quantify the cost of care, contact Danielle.




Constant Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation changes in the care sector continue to challenge operators in the sector. 


In our three decades in the industry, DR Care Solutions has steered businesses through significant legislative changes, including the more recent National Disability Insurance Scheme and Consumer Directed Care accreditation, and at the same time driven year-on-year revenue increases. As part of the process, we have worked with boards and business owners on negotiating mergers and selling off business units or the business as whole. 


Call on us to help build the resilience of your care business and optimise its value.




Whether you are hosting an industry conference, an in-house team building session, or publishing an industry journal, benefit from our ability to deliver the latest developments in the care sector. 


In our time in the sector, we have worn various hats and speak from the experience of:


√  Running a national care business

√  Building a national not-for-profit

√  Lobbying all levels of government

√  Analysing the impacts of legislative change on all operators in the sector. 


Benefit from our breadth of experience and ability to connect with audiences.  We are ready to engage your audience. 


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