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With over 35 years experience in the aged care and disability care industry, Danielle provides a wealth of knowledge on the relevant - and at times, difficult - topics.

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5 Easy Steps 4 Care©

Free Care Industry Downloadable Resource: 5 Easy Steps 4 Care©

Danielle Robertson created the DR Care Solutions' 5 Easy Steps 4 Care©. These are the primary steps we take to help you obtain the right care solutions for you and your family.

Download our 5 Easy Steps 4 Care© free and find out if our approach is the right one for you.  

End-of-Life Planning Checklist

Free Care Industry Downloadable Resource: End-of-Life Planning Checklist

People can feel anxiety when faced with their end-of-life, or that of a loved one. Going through a preparation process - and being prepared - can help reduce the anxiety for all.

Download our End-of-Life Planning Checklist to help you and your loved one get prepared.

Life Ready RegisterTM

Listing Page Image - Life Ready Register-min

A convenient way to record your important documents, all in one place. The register allows you, or those carrying out your wishes, to find your key documents, quickly and easily.

Download our free Life Ready RegisterTM and start getting ready for whatever may come.

Comforting a Grieving Person

Free Resource: Comforting a Grieving Relative or Friend

Through arranging care for clients and remaining in contact with them, DR Care Solutions is often there right to the end, comforting family members at the time of passing of their loved one.

Danielle created this guide on approaches to comforting grieving relatives/friends experiencing loss. 

Dementia Activity Poster

Free Care Industry Downloadable Resource: Dementia Activity Poster

Visits with someone living with dementia can be a rewarding experience for everyone - but it's not always easy. What can you do with them to make your time valuable, fun and comfortable?

Download our list of simple activities you'll both enjoy doing together.

Advance Care Planning Guide

Free Care Industry Downloadable Resource: Advance Care Planning Getting Started Guide

Advanced Care Planning Australia created this amazing guide to help you get started with your care plans. We'd like to thank Advance Care Planning Au for this valuable resource we're able to share.

Learn about the why, when and how to get started with this downloadable.

Carer Gateway Information Pack

Carer Gateway Presentation Image2-min

The Carer Gateway has been transformed! Advice and support offered is both personal and tailored. It begins with a Carer Star Assessment and highlights the supports a carer needs.

Thanks to Your Side Australia, we invite you to download the Carer Gateway information pack.

Carers Week Presentation

Free Care Industry Downloadable Resource: Carers' Week Presentation

During National Carers Week, Danielle Robertson was asked to present to several businesses on our Australian employee workforce who also have carer responsibilities.

Take a look at Danielle's presentation slides and contact us if you have any questions.

Glossary of Care Industry Terms

Free Care Industry Resource: Glossary of Aged Care & Disability Care Industry Terms

The aged care and disability care industry is a complex system. There are terms and acronyms used across the industry in a way that expects people to know what they are and mean.

To help you with this, we put together a Glossary of Common Care Industry Terms.

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