Who We Are

Experienced Care Advisors.

We've worked in the care sector since the 1980s, so we know a thing or two about aged care and disability care!

Danielle Robertson, Founder & CEO, and her team at DR Care Solutions offer comprehensive knowledge and experience on how the care sector works and how to obtain the best quality of care, support and accommodation for a reasonable price.

For 12 years, Danielle Robertson led Australia's first national agency providing aged care, home care and childcare, DIAL-AN-ANGEL. Prior to this, Danielle had worked in the company for 16 years as a Financial Director and Operations Manager.

In 2015, after the sale of DIAL-AN-ANGEL, Danielle set up a business to fill a gap in the care sector and meet the numerous calls for assistance in navigating the myriad of services offered in the aged care and disability care sector. DR Care Solutions was born!


Care Sector Advocates.

Throughout her career, Danielle has contributed to the development of the care industry by lobbying the Commonwealth Government on issues ranging from subsidising the cost of care, through to recognising nannies as professional carers.


Family Business Australia.

With close to 30 years' experience in running a family business and having been a member of Family Business Australia (FBA) since 2001, Danielle represented the interests of more than 3,000 family business owners across Australia and New Zealand as Chair of NSW/ACT Chapter of FBA and a Director of the FBA National Board from 2016 to 2001. She remains an active member of FBA, offering peer-to-peer support as a Forum Group member and as an ambassador for the association.


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Who Are DR Care Solutions: Some of Our Clients

Vision & Values

Our Vision.

"Our goal is to assist every Australian to find the right care, support and accommodation solution that meets their needs, wants, and wishes, in the quickest possible time."

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Our Team

Much More Than Meets The Eye.

While most of our clients are primarily supported by Danielle Robertson, our Founder & CEO, there's a lot more that goes into ensuring our clients receive the best quality care services. 

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In The Spotlight

The Latest Care Information & Trends.

A respected care sector commentator, Danielle Robertson is regularly called by the media, conference organisers, businesses and groups to speak on aged care and disability care sector trends. 

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Strategic Partnerships

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together So Much.

Helen Keller's words on the power of collaboration are embraced by us. After carefully pre-vetting our care providers and strategic partners, we work together to ensure every possible client need is addressed.

Our care providers offer the best quality care and services across Australia. Other quality providers from a range of fields from home modifications and mobility equipment through to legal services and financial planning, are ready to assist.

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Groups & Affiliations

Staying Connected.

At DR Care Solutions, we don't fly solo. We're active members of respected organisations, both within and outside of the care sector.

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Your Care, Your Support, Your Way.

We're here to bring quality aged care and disability care solutions to our clients through a range of available services.

We work with:

  • Care recipients and their carers, family members and trusted advisers.

  • Corporate businesses and their employees as a "Care Concierge" to support employees with their caring responsibilities of their ageing or disabled loved ones.

  • Businesses in the home care sector, providing consulting services on business improvements to provide quality care and as a subject matter expert.

  • Businesses and groups who want to hear more about aged care and disability care, as a guest speaker and subject matter expert.

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Free Initial Consultation

Let’s talk and see how we can help you with your care needs.

You may be the care recipient, carer, guardian or an employer seeking to support your employees with their care responsibilities.

Book a complimentary call with Danielle Robertson.

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