Why did we choose this Partner?

Innovation in the care industry always interests us at DR Care Solutions. YesVR is providing unique training to those carers working with clients living with dementia. The team share the same values as DR Care Solutions and it's a natural fit for us to support those companies who train their carers in this way. 

For more information, please also see a blog we wrote about YesVR's Virtual Reality Training Assisting With Care.

YesVR - A DR Care Solutions Partner


Why should you choose them?

"Employees are the foundation of every business and the key to innovation. Training employees with real-world scenarios particularly in the aged care industry and associated sectors, has never been more important and necessary.

  • Our solutions provide 24/7 training and deployment.

  • Staff are more focused and emotionally connected to content achieving better knowledge retention, than in traditional classroom or online learning.

  • Our use of technology in training excites and motivates staff to learn.

  • We create more confident employees and job-ready teams.

  • Training solutions are scalable and remotely accessible."


Point of Difference:

"Our technology provides experiential learning content in a safe and non-threatening environment, where individuals have opportunities to practice key decision-making and divergent thinking to become better prepared for real-life situations.

YesVR's team of educators, learning designers and film producers is at the summit of creativity with the highest quality learning.

We pride ourselves on our learning design and professionally created scenarios employing experienced actors.

Effectiveness of learning proven by YesVR winning five awards (LearnX Awards for the global eLearning industry).

Most importantly we believe in projects that 'do good', have positive behavioural and performance outcomes. These in turn, have positive impacts for organisations and their staff, the individuals in their care and the wider community."

About This DR Care Solutions Partner

How They Can Help

In what ways can they help?

YesVR can provide virtual reality training across Australia.

They've introduced virtual reality training to help prepare carers looking after patients living with dementia for the scenarios they may face, and how best to handle them in the interests of both the patient and their own job satisfaction.

Key Services - How This Strategic Partnership Partner Helps DR Care Solutions' Clients

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YesVR - A DR Care Solutions Partner

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