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Ageing Tsunami & NDIS Ignition: Where Will The Carers Come From?

Updated: Mar 13

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The cry for reforms in the aged care and disability sectors have been heard. We are now in the largest reforms these industries have ever faced. Service organisations are swiftly gearing up to deliver services to consumers who have long been forced to fund their care without government funding as support. With the funding gates opening up, the cries of relief and excitement can be seen and heard in homes, communities and mainstream media channels. After the celebrations, one question remains. Where will the carers come from?

With the deregulation of in home services for aged care and the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, there has been an influx of new service providers in the aged care and disability sectors. Existing organisations are growing at a rapid pace and alternative providers such as health care and insurance services are entering the in home care market. There are plenty of consumers to be serviced within these multimillion dollar industries.

The challenge lies with the workforce:- The number of carers joining the sector through training and development pathways cannot keep up with the demand or the pace at which service organisations are growing. It takes 12 months to complete a Certificate III or IV in In-Home Care Services or Disability Services. It takes just four weeks for a consumer to express a need for care and then access it.

There is a growing need for service organisations to develop innovative ways to build their workforce and a point of difference in their care services. However, industry trends have seen a heavy focus on capacity building within their head office and back of office functions instead of frontline care staff, which appears to have been forgotten.

So where does that leave the consumer in need of care? Consumers seeking care services will need to invest in their own due diligence process to ensure the care they access through service providers not only meets their care needs but is available when they need it and service providers can provide a consistent, reliable and quality service.

So where do they start and what do they need to do? Thousands of consumers are asking this very question. Due to this emerging need, services such as DR Care Solutions have evolved to meet this gap. Focused on making it easy to navigate a complex service environment, DR Care Solutions has provided an innovative model to accessing care.

Want to know more about how to ensure you get a consistent and reliable service? Stay tuned for next weeks blog on “Choosing a home care provider: 5 questions to ask.”

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