“Hi Danielle, your assistance in navigating the process and finding the right carers has made an enormous difference to Mum and Dad. I don't know how anyone manages the process without the guidance you offer.”

— Sharon D (Inner West NSW)

The Circle of Life

“Thanks again Danielle for your assistance. It is much appreciated. Knowing that Dad is safe and clean and cared for is a great relief for both my sister and I. Although I didn’t think I would feel such a weight off my shoulders, we have been so focused on Dad and his needs and wants, we have ignored what that has been doing to us and our families.”

Bruce P - Coogee December 2019


“the LifePlan™ you developed for my clients, is that, this is brilliant! To put it simply, you have probably saved a life (or two). I’d like you to come and speak to my GT colleagues when you have time. Many of them will have ageing clients who might be in a similar position as my clients. Thanks again.”

— Robert Powell Partner - Private Advisory @ Grant Thornton


“Hello Danielle, thank you for sending through the life plan. My daughter and I have spent time reading through it and are very impressed by your thoroughness. It is good to feel at ease about my future ageing challenges and know I can call on you for assistance as I feel the need. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge and expertise and look forward to further discussion in the future”

— Ken T, Paradise Waters, QLD


“We were exhausted after quite a few years of trying to care for our parents who were declining over time with Dementia and other health problems. We hit crisis point and with the stress of daily life and trying to find the time to understand and navigate the aged care arena and nursing homes was so confusing and overwhelming. Danielle assisted us in finding the best nursing home to suit them and their needs. She also assisted us in negotiation of the RAD and organising for our parents to be together in one room while converting the other room into a lounge room for them. Without DR Care Solutions I doubt we would have found such a great place so quickly that could care for them together. At such an emotional traumatic time, they took all of our stress away. Thank you.”

— Gai, Sydney, NSW


“Danielle, we were in a tough spot after Dad’s fall in Tweed Heads and desperate to get him into care before the COVID-19 doors closed in Sydney.

We know you moved mountains and we are forever grateful that we secured the right place for him in nearby Lane Cove.

It took a herculean effort to do this inside two weeks – we need a rest but best wishes for your future success.”

— S and K Wright - Waverton, New South Wales


"Danielle's passion is to help people keep their loved ones at home when they become dependent. My mum has been very ill for over 6 years, recently needing 24-hour care. Despite having financial resources and learning how to cope, there's no way that we would have managed to organise mum the best possible care without Danielle's advice, experience and expertise. There's no doubt Danielle has given us the ability, resource and peace of mind to keep mum at home with the best care, and her services have meant mum's decline has slowed. Mum is extremely grateful and feels very loved, and we know we are giving her our best."

- Sophie Raptis, Double Bay NSW


"I've known Danielle professionally for over 9 years, initially in her role as CEO at Dial-an-Angel and more recently through her business DR Care Solutions. I have worked closely with Danielle through DR Care Solutions developing a partnership with Parents At Work where she has successfully delivered consulting advice and workshops for our clients including one of the big four banks. I have also worked with Danielle personally as she provided support and care to my next door neighbour. Danielle is an incredibly passionate, caring and diligent individual who cares deeply about her clients and the best outcome for them. I cannot recommend Danielle and her services highly enough."

- Fiona Hitchiner, Parents At Work


“We had 10 days to find Mum 24/7 care, complicated further by COVID and Christmas. Danielle's wealth of experience made me feel like I was in safe hands. She helped us secure a new home for Mum that we're all really happy with. I don't think I could have been able to do it without her!”

— Kate J (NSW)

Jason & Megan says Danielle Robertson
gave them clarity, confidence and assurance.

Morgan speaks about his experience with
Danielle Robertson and DR Care Solutions.

Philippa says Danielle Robertson is
worth her weight in gold.

Tim gives a glowing testimonial for both
Danielle Robertson and DR Care Solutions.

Lile speaks about the professionalism of Danielle
Robertson from DR Care Solutions and how she took
the time to ensure the best outcome for her mother.


"In 2020 was I referred to you by a close acquaintance who is a medical professional. My sister, her husband and I were struggling to find help with her demanding home care needs.

Before contacting you we had tried to negotiate the labyrinth of services and organisations on our own with little success. Our most pressing need was to change my sister’s care provider as the one we had found proved to be very unsatisfactory. Your swift, compassionate and professional response resolved that issue in record time.  

Your assistance and advice did not end there. During the course of my sister’s illness, you provided continuous and invaluable support and planning as various issues arose. Given how complex health needs can be, especially at times of personal stress, your advice was of enormous support to us. 

On behalf of my sister’s family, I want to say how  grateful we are for your help throughout her illness, and we recommend DR Care solutions to anybody trying to find the best solution to their health care needs."

Ross Fenton, Sydney NSW, November 2021

"Tom and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your advice and support at an extremely challenging time for the family.

Your comprehensive reports, knowledge of the aged care system, and calm control of the process lifted an enormous load from our shoulders.

I don't know how anyone successfully navigates the aged care system without you! You worked miracles for us during this lockdown - thank you!"

Tom & Maha Dunne, Sydney NSW, October 2021

"My sister and I reached out to you in crisis. We were told that Mum could not return home and needed to be urgently placed into care. We phoned you and within a 48-hour period (before a weekend) and during Covid-19 lockdown, you were able to 'pull a rabbit from a hat' and find Mum the perfect place for her end-of-life care.

You moved swiftly and compassionately to ensure Mum could be moved. Unfortunately, Mum's condition deteriorated to a point where the hospital advised she could not be relocated.

We appreciated your help when we most needed it, thank you so much. We are missing Mum every day but getting on with things and hope that now that the lockdown is finished, we can get back to something that resembles normal.

I think there will always be that nagging feeling that something is missing now that Mum is no longer with us. I hope others feel comfort knowing you can help them at such a tumultuous and emotional time, quickly and professionally."

Jon Torpy & Michelle Cura, Chipping Norton NSW, October 2021

"Hi Danielle, I just wanted to comment on the 'Client Overviews' you prepare for those relocating into residential aged care, they are just fabulous. There is so much information that is so helpful in finding the most appropriate home for your clients. I look forward to the day when one of our homes has suitable vacancies for one of your clients. Thank you for reaching out to us at Estia on behalf of your clients."

Sally Linnen, Client Relationship Manager, Estia Health, Sydney NSW, October 2021

"In July 2021, I reached out to your company, DR Care Solutions, to get urgent help for my wife  Amanda who is only 57 years old and has early onset dementia.

Initially I thought we could manage her with a bit of external help and some funding from NDIS. Her condition was deteriorating, her behaviour became quite aggressive, and her existing carers were constantly abandoning her and would not come back as they could not manage her behaviour.

Myself and my 2 teenage daughters (one doing her HSC) were basically desperate and lost in what to do next.

After contacting you at DR Care Solutions, you came out quickly to assess Amanda and developed  a very detailed and comprehensive Life PlanTM for her with very clear recommendations. Thereafter you gave me a choice of thee quality home care providers with carer profiles which matched what was required in your detailed Life PlanTM for Amanda.

Once you helped me choose a suitable new care provider you also helped organise a support coordinator and a professional case manager together with a behavioural specialist to review Amanda’s current NDIS plan to get Amanda much more funding which would cover her needs now.

The new carers are highly skilled in dementia care and, together with altered medications for Amanda, have given her a more settled and comfortable daily routine.

I just want to thank you and DR Care Solutions from the bottom of my heart for all this you have done to make not only my wife's life easier but also mine and my daughters' lives have now had much stress and pressure taken off us.

Now Amanda can stay at home much longer which makes me very happy.

Thank you again, Danielle."

Sancho Kalcev, Sydney NSW, September 2021

"We recently found ourselves in a position where we had to organise respite care for my mother. She'd been living with us here at home for almost five years. We'd looked after her, everything, every day, and we were really intensely nervous about taking this next step. 

We had done initial Googling, we'd hung on the phone for two days trying to get information, and we were more and more confused than ever.

When we spoke with you, Danielle, you gave us a clarity and a confidence and a surety that put us at ease straightaway. You are just incredible to work with.

And we were at a massive crisis point... and you just made everything happen and it just took a complete load off of us. It meant we could concentrate on what we need to, witch was Mum, and we got a result and it was incredible how quickly it all happened and you pulled it all together.

We got the best result for Mum and for our family at the same time. So eternally grateful for all your help. Thank you."

J & M van Genderen, Sydney NSW, July 2021

"I was significantly injured after being hit by a car. I needed support to keep my home running smoothly and my insurer agreed for me to have some domestic assistances.

A friend recommended that I reach out to Danielle from DR Care Solutions. Danielle sprang into action and organised a fabulous provider to assist me for several months. Their service made a big difference for my recovery. It has been extremely helpful to have those extra hands when needed the most. The cleaning service was very reliable and professional and managed the heavier tasks I was unable to.

Thank you very much again for your help and support. I would highly recommend your service to anyone in need."

D Feldmann, Sydney NSW, June 2021

"Danielle was literally the "Angel" who helped us navigate through what was tho be the final week of Dad's long life.

Dad has been hospitalised five weeks earlier and the family had little experience in how the hospital systems operated. Whilst the doctors and nursing staff were doing everything they could, the family felt that Dad's life might be prolonged and more comfortable if he could be at home.

Trying to facilitate this was hugely challenging. He was going to need 24-hour care and I was getting totally bamboozled by the advice that was being given by the social workers, occupational therapist, and nursing staff. It was totally overwhelming.

I remembered that Danielle, an old family friend, was in the care industry but I hadn't realised the extent she was involved and the care and assistance she was ultimately able to give us. With one phone call, she provided the clarity and support that we so desperately needed.

Danielle immediately came to see Dad and readily assessed the situation. She stepped into action and had 24-hour nursing staff lined up plus all the equipment that would be necessary to care for Dad at home. During a very emotional time, she provided comforting support to us all.

On the day that everything was to be installed at home, Dad ultimately decided he was too sick to leave hospital. One phone call to Danielle and all the arrangements that had been put in place were cancelled. We were able to spend our time with Dad rather than trying to unravel everything that had been organised.

Sadly, Dad passed away later that night. As a family, this had been the most challenging time we had all had to face together. Danielle navigated us through with love, compassion, care and understanding.

With our love, thank you, Danielle."

Ros Dwyer, Clareville NSW, April 2021

"My Mum was based in Melbourne and became very unwell quickly. After being in hospital for a month, we were told she couldn't return home and would need 24/7 medical care moving forward. My brothers and I had 10 days to find her care in Sydney, complicated by COVID restrictions.

In what was an already stressful time (and over the Christmas break), Danielle got to work and was able to shortlist five potential nursing homes in lightning speed time. We walked through all five in the space of a day.

Danielle's wealth of experience within the industry made me feel like I was in safe hands. She knew what to look out for, asked all the right questions, and helped us secure a new home for Mum that, as a family, we (and importantly, Mum), are really happy with.

Navigating the mind field that is aged care homes was made infinitely easier with the help of Danielle. I honestly don't think that I would have been able to do it without her!"

Kate J, Mosman NSW, February 2021

"After a difficult and very emotional year of finding the right balance of home care for our dad, it was suggested we try Danielle from DR Care Solutions to manage the process on our behalf in getting him professional care at an appropriate nursing home facility; that suited everyone.

Her professionalism, due diligence and empathy was beyond our expectations. Danielle's communication in every aspect was extremely transparent giving us great relief that Danielle had Dad's best interests at the forefront every step of the way. I think I can honestly say on behalf of the family, we are truly grateful for Danielle's services and would happily recommend her to others."

Johanne, Peter & Gracie, Sydney NSW, February 2021

"We used Danielle to navigate the nightmare that is the ACAT process and entering into aged care. The Government has made it very difficult for the average person to wade their way through all of the forms and procedures.

Because we are both busy running businesses, we didn't have the time to devote to the process.

Danielle made it easy and she really cared about the future of our 90 year old father. She quickly got the ACAT Assessment done (when he was in hospital after a fall) and then proceeded to explore a number of Aged Care Facilities suitable for his needs. She took the time to take him to a number of facilities so he could assess which one he preferred.

She even put us in touch with a Financial Advisor to assist with analysing the financial implications of the various options.

She found the perfect place for our Dad and he has settled in well.

Unless you have an enormous amount of time and patience, I would strongly recommend that you use Danielle and DR Care Solutions services as she makes the whole process seem like it is easy."

Peter & Stephen Rust, Northern Beaches NSW, January 2021

"I am so glad, Danielle, that you suggested the change of care provider for my brother and sister-in-law. Together, you and the new Case Manager have made it possible for my brother to return home from care and remain at home as per his wishes, and are making their life so much more comfortable. We appreciate the efforts you went to quickly and efficiently, particularly give that there was the additional challenge of my brother and his wife being congenitally deaf and both have significant health issues. Things seemed to have settled and we have obtained the great outcome that we all wished for. Thank you again."

M Frater, Marsfield, December 2020

"Thanks Danielle, that is the most faithful representation of any meeting that I have ever attended... yet you were hardly taking any notes!! You obviously have every single one of your own brain cells intact! Cheers, Ian."

Ian K Bailey OAM, Huntleys Point, November 2020

"Hello Danielle. Having had our first carer visit under our new arrangement with the new provider, it gives me the opportunity to again thank you for the wonderful service you gave to June and me. The carer did a fantastic job for us. Very professional and friendly. Our very best wishes, June & Bob Reid."

June & Bob Reid, Gold Coast, October 2020

"Dear Danielle, some very well written and, at times, confronting topics from you over the past few weeks. Excellent work! For our own situation, I wish we’d have known you 15 years ago when we were starting to make difficult decisions about my wife’s Mum, who lived with us for 11 years. It may not have made things any easier emotionally, but it certainly would have given the direction and clarity that, back then, was just so confusing to manoeuvre through. As I’ve said previously, you’re one of the very few people that I’ve come across in my life that I believe have found their calling in life. I’d count the total number I’ve met or known on two hands! Keep doing what you are doing to help those who are confronted by the Aged Care and Disability Care maze, often at a very emotional time."

Dean Robinson, Family Business Advisor, The Family Business Transformer, Camden NSW, August 2020

"I engaged with Danielle Robertson from DR Care Solutions to assist me to find respite care for my mother who had been hospitalised for many weeks. She required full time care and we were unable to offer the care and supervision that my mother required in her own home, she was deemed a falls risk and was non-compliant due to language barriers.

I didn’t know where to begin searching for a nursing home and coupled with all the requirements and paperwork needed with external organisations, I had no idea where to start.

From the moment we engaged with Danielle, she’s extremely efficient, understanding and was able to manage the process for us. Within a few days we were already doing virtual tours and walkthroughs of a selected facilities and only a few weeks later Danielle had placed my mother into a nursing home close to home and spoke my mother’s native language, Italian.

Using DR Care Solutions took the burden and heart ache away from finding suitable care for my mother.

I’d highly recommend Danielle and her company in assisting anyone with finding the right care solution for your family member or loved one. She made the process easy; everything was seamless."

Tony Palombit, Concord West NSW, August 2020

"Dear Danielle, I still pinch myself for the absolute amazing good fortune you brought to my life to help me find and settle so quickly into the hostel environment providing low level care and support at Hunters Hill. We are all over the lock down. We cannot wander around the property, nor visit the cafe – ‘no problem I say’ as the facility must contain traffic throughout the property. Shame we cannot use the lovely grounds but that will come around in the not too distant future, I am sure. 

I now have a busy in-house schedule (giggle).  Exercise, Art class and balancing class, not to mention Zoom presentations on anything and everything, plus Stars of the Silver Screen in the Recreation room (they have loosened up numbers in groups), my word I’m such a busy girl! Seriously though, I am just so grateful to you for finding the perfect place for me to enhance my quality of life. You managed the process quickly and professionally and made the job for me and my son so much easier at a rather emotional time. I often recommend your services to others. I wish you every success!"

M Morgan, Hunters Hill NSW, July 2020

“Hi Danielle, I want to thank you very much for getting Neil into Care in Toorak and for all your wonderful work. Lots of people have said to me how did you manage to get him in there? It is such a wonderful place with a good reputation. I really appreciated your efficiency and professionalism to help us and so quickly,  given we were presented with Covid 19 restrictions.” 

D Crang, Toorak VIC, June 2020

"Danielle’s passion is to help people keep their loved ones at home, when they are ill and become dependent, (rather than needing to be put in a hospital or home). 

My mum has a progressive lung disease and been very ill for over six years. For the past 18 months, Mum has needed 24hour care. I live in London, one sister lives in Mexico, one sister has a young family, my father is partially deaf. None of us are in a position to be full time carers.

Despite having the financial resource and learning how to cope along the way – there is just no way that we would have managed to organise mum the best possible care without the advice of Danielle’s experience and expertise.

First thing first, care is very expensive and can feel like a full time job to manage.

There is no doubt that Danielle has given our family the ability, resource and peace of mind to keep mum at home with the best possible care.

Danielle’s service consists of a holistic care program to include government funding, carers, physios, occupational therapy (to get the right set up at home), a palliative care team (to keep mum comfortable and with the best quality of life)- everyone visits mum at home with great coordination to ensure the correct pace and communication.  

There is no doubt that Danielle’s services have meant mum’s decline has slowed and of course we know that we are giving her everything that we possibly can, no stone unturned. Mum is extremely grateful and feels very loved and we know we are giving her our all.

It’s important to add, Danielle does not do a ‘one size fits all programs’, her services and recommendations have been tweaked to fit our needs and right family personality fit.  

It’s a very emotional and stressful time. We are incredibly grateful.

As an added benefit, Danielle is warm, kind and a great counsellor. Our family has a new friend."

Sophie Raptis, Double Bay, June 2020

“A note to thank you, Danielle. My parents both in their mid-eighties have lived in their home for 60 years. Both are carrying chronic health issues. They did not want to leave their home if they could possibly stay there. When my mother was being admitted again for treatment to a chronic leg ulcer, I became worried about how Dad would cope without her at home.

Mum’s specialist vascular surgeon would not release her from hospital this time unless she had nursing care regularly attending the home and a reduced workload so she could keep off her leg as much as possible. I was faced with helping my parents navigate the complex area of home care and aged care services.

I looked on the web and was baffled by the number of services to choose from. Where did I start; Danielle was the answer. Danielle knew which services to recommend and helped us to come to where we are now with both Mum and Dad at home receiving weekly carer support, and gardening services from a home care services team who listen to my parents’ wants and desires. We as a family are very happy with the result, and I am so glad that I had met Danielle."

Janice Marshall - Glenhaven, New South Wales April 2020

“Thank you so much Danielle for your support in finding the perfect residence for our 91 year old Dad. My sisters financial advisor recommended Danielle when we were unhappy with the carers that we had employed. Danielle came to visit Dad at his house and created a plan for him based around his needs and interests. Then Dad had a fall and ended up in hospital. Dad was unhappy in hospital, so when the doctors advised us that he should not return home but enter into care, my 3 siblings and I panicked. We had just a few days to arrange respite with a view to permanence.

Danielle immediately launched into action and found us a wonderful facility that even had a coffee shop. Knowing that Dad could wander down for a cuppa and a chat was really comforting as this was one of his favourite outings. Danielle continued close contact with us, we had not visited residences before and were still worried that there may be a better one out there for Dad. Danielle demonstrated caring and patience as she ran two Care360 reports and accompanied us to visit another 7 residences. We needed the reassurance that where Dad was, was the best place for him.

After all the running around, we knew that the first place Danielle had found was indeed the best. Our whole family can’t thank you enough, you were our heaven sent guide during an emotional and stressful time. You worked so quickly to find the perfect place for Dad and we shall be forever grateful for your patience, understanding and caring nature."

Michelle, Sharon, Michael and Brett - Russell Lea, New South Wales March 2020

“Danielle, we were in a tough spot after Dad’s fall in Tweed Heads and desperate to get him into care before the COVID-19 doors closed in Sydney.
We know you moved mountains and we are forever grateful that we secured the right place for him in nearby Lane Cove. It took a herculean effort to do this inside two weeks – we need a rest but best wishes for your future success."

S and K Wright - Waverton, New South Wales March 2020

“Mum moves into care today for Respite with a view to permanent care. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support at a very emotional and stressful time for me and my family. You have been more than helpful and your advice has been second to none. Thank you!"

Carol Brown - Adelaide, South Australia February 2020

“Thank you, Danielle, for all your assistance and support with arranging care for my mother and brother recently. It’s one thing to have to navigate the aged care system for my mother, but to also have to navigate NDIS, Centrelink and carers to assist with my brother’s care when he was diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia, at the same time, was overwhelming and complex. You listened to our concerns and wishes with empathy and acted with haste to ensure that care was in place as quickly as possible - offering guidance and support at every stage. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who is in the unenviable position of arranging care for their loved ones. Appreciate all that you have done for my family – thank you again."

Robert Myles - Granville, New South Wales January 2020

“Hi Danielle, Mum is doing really well and don’t think I’ve ever seen her as happy in years. She’s practically running the place. The head nurse mentioned recently they should be paying her!!! The staff love her because she has her marbles and can participate in all the activities. She’s started a knitting club, in charge of the garden areas (watering etc), heavily involved in celebrations Halloween, Melbourne Cup, Christmas decorations, shopping and setting up. Thank you so much for helping us find the right care and accommodation for Mum. We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome."

J Macpherson - Western Australia January 2020

“Far out Danielle... You are amazing! I'm a physio working in domiciliary work mostly with the aged and it's great to see someone who cares. Thanks again."

Kay S - Tasmania January 2020

“Thanks for your support and the inspirational, professional and empathetic way you help people Danielle!."

Peter Tribolet @ Foundation Financial Advice - Melbourne, VIC December 2019

“Thanks again Danielle for your assistance. It is much appreciated. Knowing that Dad is safe and clean and cared for is a great relief for both my sister and I. Although I didn’t think I would feel such a weight off my shoulders, we have been so focused on Dad and his needs and wants, we have ignored what that has been doing to us and our families."

Bruce P - Coogee, NSW December 2019

“Hi Danielle –my feedback on the LifePlanTM you developed for my clients, is that, this is brilliant! To put it simply, you have probably saved a life (or two). I’d like you to come and speak to my GT colleagues when you have time. Many of them will have ageing clients who might be in a similar position as my clients. Thanks again."

Robert Powell Partner - Private Advisory @ Grant Thornton October 2019

“Your services are so valuable and it’s amazing that you are able to take care of all of these problems so smoothly, you make it all look and sound so easy until the rest of us try it. Keep up the good work!"

Bernice R - Expat now in Canada September 2019

“My brothers and I approached Danielle to see if she could help us when my mother needed to move quickly from interstate to Sydney and into respite and possibly longer term high level care. We were so glad we did.

Danielle moved smoothly into action, working with my cautious and unwell mother to ascertain her needs and preferences (by phone), identifying suitable options, working with us to arrange visits so we could finalise an option for respite, and identifying and sourcing all support needs to move my mother from Queensland. Everything went so smoothly. Somehow Danielle met everyone’s requirements and serviced everyone’s emotional needs too.

And the process meant the family was very involved with staff from the get go. My mother moved in and Danielle supported her in discussions for alterations to her room and routine and care. By the end of the respite period, Mum had decided to stay at the home - her health had improved enough for her to enjoy the expansive gardens.

Danielle again swung into action, helping us to negotiate with the home and settle all terms and conditions. Mum has been there a year - the family meets for lunch in the gardens most weekends."

K Parker - Stanmore July 2019

“It all started with Shingles! We secured a temporary carer using the Commonwealth Package..... eventually the Aged Care Package became available. Now we had a further challenge!!! We did not know where to start….. the Aged Care System is not easy to understand or navigate. We wanted a quality provider for our mother and fortunately we were aware of Danielle’s expertise through her former business, Dial an Angel.

From the outset, our family felt relieved and comforted to know that we had an advocate who was knowledgeable and someone we could trust to provide suitable options & recommendations for our mother.

After an initial assessment, Danielle was able to narrow our search down to a few suitable providers to consider for weekly in house support. Without Danielle’s assistance, knowledge and tremendous support, we would have found this task extremely difficult.

Our mother is very happy with her regular care person who attends on a weekly basis. It gives our family peace of mind as we know we can schedule doctor’s visits, have her groceries purchased with the carer visiting on a regular basis."

J. Boutros - Roseville July 2019

“Hi Danielle, You have been such a great help in navigating and negotiating Aged Care for my wife and me. Both of us are 87 years of age and I am my wife’s primary carer. I was finding it very tiring and I really didn’t know where to turn. We had previous experience of having carers sent from a large organisation which proved incompatible with our family. My wife was not keen on having care and support services reintroduced. Danielle came along and listened carefully to our wants and wishes and introduced the right care provider to match our needs. Care and support started last week and I am pleased to say that Ann has accepted the help quite well. Thank you again for your involvement, it has taken enormous pressure off me."

ND - West Lindfield June 2019

“Hi Danielle, your assistance in navigating the process and finding the right carers has made an enormous difference to Mum and Dad. I don't know how anyone manages the process without the guidance you offer."

Sharon D - Inner West June 2019

“Hi Danielle, I wanted to thank you for all your help over the last few weeks.

As you were aware, we were in a desperate position trying to find a nursing home for Jeff’s parents, who both suffer from dementia. We looked for weeks trying to find a suitable place, however the aged care system is a minefield and we were out of our depth.

Thank goodness you found a place within three days and it was such a pleasure dealing with you and so easy. You listened to what we needed and found us exactly what we had in mind, this took a huge burden and stress off our shoulder. Within two weeks they were in accommodation and being taken care of.

We can’t thank-you enough for your making our lives easier and finding the perfect place for Jeff’s parents".

L Carr - Sylvania Waters February 2019

“Thanks for your Christmas wishes Danielle. Mum turned 95 on Monday and is in Canberra for the next few weeks. I am convinced she would not have lived this long life had she been living in an institution. So we are very happy that she is doing well and that she can remain living at home after you introduced the right home care provider with a team of quality carers. I wish you and your family peace and joy for the festive season and all the best for 2019".

VF - St Ives December 2018

“Our neighbour, Fiona was concerned about our health, safety and wellbeing and made contact with Danielle from DRC Care Solutions. We contacted Danielle and had a brief chat about where we were at. Danielle arranged to visit us to determine the best way forward for our long-term care. Danielle informed us of all the options available and what she felt might be best for us.

Given the fact that we are 94 and 95 years of age, the family felt it best we move into a care facility close to an area we were familiar with. Danielle professionally assisted us to locate the right facility with two rooms next to each other. We were able to set one up as a bedroom and the other as a small living area. There is a shared bathroom just outside the rooms.

We knew it would be quite difficult to find a place that could accommodate both of us together in the area we wanted. We were just so grateful for Danielle’s sage advice and guidance. We would highly recommend DRC Care Solutions to anyone who is unsure of their next steps".

R & J Hughes - Wahroonga November 2018

“Having cared for my husband 24/7 for eight months this year I reluctantly had to put him into respite care in a nursing home nearby. Danielle Robertson was instrumental in getting him in there, overnight. We were very fortunate because it was the only bed available. After an unfortunate episode, he was admitted to hospital with aspirated pneumonia and spent 8 days there.

Upon his return to the Home I was very anxious that it should not happen again. I voiced my concerns to Danielle, with the thought that we might need a carer. Within 24hours Danielle had arranged for carers to attend my husband seven days a week. They attend to his needs and give him breakfast etc and look after him until I get there to give him lunch.

It has made such a difference for me to have peace of mind that he is getting individual attention. He is more alert and, today, with the help of his carer was walking for the first time in two months. The staff in the Nursing home have nothing but praise for the quality of the carers and, I know, it is because of the vigilance of Danielle that things have gone so smoothly".

A Blackman - Western Sydney October 2018

“Dear Danielle, thank you for your sensitive attention to the care needs of my friends and neighbours. We have lived in the same apartment building for some 20 years, so I have become close friends to them.

She has relatively little mobility and has suffered from several falls in their apartment over recent months. He is in better health, though nearing 94 year of age, when she falls he is not strong enough to assist her.

Some five weeks ago she fell once again, and you were good enough to respond quickly and at the weekend, made a comprehensive care assessment of both of them and arranged for carers to come to the apartment on a 24/7 basis.

I was impressed with your professionalism and understanding of what was required. The Care Provider you organised were also very capable and gave the couple good support for several weeks.

Thank you for your concern and help."

Peter L - City of Sydney August 2018

“Being interstate and navigating the Aged Care system for my parents was a very difficult and daunting task. With a dignified and professional approach, Danielle simplified a complicated process by offering practical advice and achievable options. Armed with knowledge and knowing the relevant questions to ask has made a significant difference to this experience. Thank you Danielle for your gracious support, it is very much appreciated."

F. Maiorana - Cairns, QLD April 2018

“Thank you once again for your assessment and comprehensive summary of our situation. Even though we are 79 and 80 respectively and extremely healthy and independent, it does bring to our attention that we are getting older even though we feel good, there will be a time when we will need some assistance and that is what you helped point out to us. Thank you again for your empathy and support. It is appreciated."

K & V Flynn - Hornsby Heights, NSW February 2018

“At age 94, and after successfully living independently for almost 30 years, my mother’s health began to decline. As her only daughter and relative in Australia, I was at somewhat of a loss to know how to help my mum into Aged Care, which was the only realistic avenue open to her. Thankfully, Danielle’s services were recommended to me. I found Danielle’s knowledge, advice and wonderfully warm manner invaluable in helping me navigate the Aged Care system. I would have been quite lost without her support & guidance and am thankful that our paths crossed. With Danielle’s help, I believe that my mum has now found the best Care place for her ongoing needs."

Lile Judickas - Wollongong, NSW December 2017

“After only a brief time using the services of Danielle for our clients, I have found Danielle to be extremely empathetic, knowledgeable and personable in her approach. Danielle's ability to understand our clients care needs was accurate and assisting them find the appropriate care provider was fantastic. I thoroughly recommend Danielle and her services."

Darryn Fellowes - Financial Planner @ Skeggs Goldstien, NSW November 2017

“After some rather alarming behaviour of a much loved relative I, as the carer, was feeling stressed. Knowing that Danielle is involved with aged solutions I, initially, contacted her for advice. Her response was immediate and to the point. She elicited co-operation with our family doctor for review of recent medication and offered some coping mechanisms for me in the meantime.

We discussed other strategies to be able to keep this much loved family member at home where he is familiar. It took a huge weight off my shoulders being able to talk with a professional in aged care, whose main thrust is to provide support, not only for the client but their family as well. We thank you Danielle."

A.M. - Croydon, NSW October 2017

“I was in a complex and stressful situation with my elderly mother. I urgently needed help and guidance to work out a new care arrangement and, despite working in health and aged care, I was at a loss to work out how to begin to make this happen. I was dismayed to learn just how confusing and stressful the whole process was. The mountain of paperwork and assortment of phone calls I made only added to the stress and confusion. Despite a lot of time and research spent on this, I was getting a lot more concerned, not less.

I was then referred to Danielle Robertson. She took the time to discuss my mother’s situation over the phone and then, quite promptly, met with me in person to more thoroughly understand the entire situation. Danielle also took the time to personally meet with my mother in the nursing home where she had a temporary respite arrangement.

Danielle’s 30 years of experience was very evident in her professional approach, but she was also gentle and personable. Our situation was complex and we needed services recommended to us. Danielle clearly listened to our situation and found a high quality care provider for my mother very quickly! I was also recommended to an Aged Care Specialist Financial Planner, who was also an enormous help.

At all times I have been made to feel supported by Danielle who has communicated very well with me during this stressful time. I have no hesitation in recommending Danielle Robertson Consulting (DRC Care Solutions) to anyone wanting a personable and professional team who will support and guide them when the time comes to help an elderly parent or loved one in a crisis."

Sally - Manly, NSW June 2017

“Danielle, I am very grateful for the empathy and care shown to my clients. You are an epitome of professionalism in your sector. Working with you is becoming a pleasing and regular habit."

Michael P - Lawyer Sydney, NSW March 2017

“It was such a pleasure (and relief) to meet Danielle. My frustration about how to find cost effective and quality care for my 93 year old mother who wished to live at home were mounting every day. From our first conversation I felt that I had met a specialist in the field of home care for elderly people who understood what was needed for my Mum and worked with her to develop a good plan for her care and then arranged for us to meet potential providers - all good quality organisations with the same values as her. We were able to appoint a care provider very quickly after Danielle's assistance, she provided a very professional and caring service to Mum and we are very grateful."

VF - St. Ives March 2017

“Danielle has assisted our family through a very complicated process of engaging a long term care solution for my mother who requires ongoing 24 hour care. Danielle carefully assessed our needs and partnered us with the most suitable care providers. She assisted us through the interview and implementation process and has kept in contact to ensure we have ongoing support. This is a most valuable service and we recommend Danielle for anyone seeking assistance in this area."

TC and HM - Caringbah February 2017

“Thank you so much for explaining the Aged care system to Mum. Even just your chats with her have lifted such a weight off of her shoulders. I know that staying in her own home is so important. So given that is your expertise it certainly removes the fear of having to relocate to residential care. Thanks again."

Linda Murray - Athena Coaching October 2016

“Danielle, the brief on this client was more than comprehensive! It was fantastic! I feel like I know the client personally after reading through it. It was extremely helpful to pull together the quotation for care."

JL - Care Provider on the DRC Quality Care Provider Network July 2016

“In brief, Danielle Robertson Consulting is a boutique consulting service, specialising in the navigation of health, aged, disability care, retirement living and child care. Our partners at Aged Care Steps also highly recommend Danielle Robertson Consulting."

Paul Pavlic - General Manager GPS Wealth Limited June 2016

"Hi Danielle, I am most impressed. Your work is very professional and comprehensive. I have absolutely no reservations or concerns about your processes, they are excellent. I am more than comfortable to be recommending you for further work after reading your executive summary and even more likely to have a preference for you to manage the navigation part of the process than me."

Bruce Gale - GJ Financial (Sutherland) June 2016

"Dear Danielle. Thank you so much for the time you have taken to complete the health and well-being assessment summary. I have let all the family read the document and printed a copy for my dad to read too. I can’t believe how much information you managed to gather from the initial meeting. You really gathered so much and it seemed like a casual chat rather than an interview as such. You seemed to make the family feel at ease and thus they were more open. In relation to the recommendations you made, we will be working with Dad and Mum to make these happen. Thank you again."

Christine B (Gold Coast) June 2016

"Danielle is truly a specialist in her field with many years of experience. Human Resource Managers are increasingly turning to specialists such as Danielle for guidance and programs/services to provide employees. These services help retain employees in the workforce when they may otherwise exit due to have conflicting personal commitments ie caring responsibilities for elderly parents or children. I recommend Danielle for the work she provides."

Leanne Bloomfield - Head of Human Resources at HLB Mann Judd January 2016


“I have known Danielle professionally for over 9 years, initially in her role as CEO at Dial-an-Angel and then more recently through her business DR Care Solutions. I have worked closely with Danielle through DR Care Solutions developing a partnership with Parents At Work where she has successfully delivered consulting advice and workshops for our clients including one of the big four banks. I have also worked with Danielle personally as she provided support and care to my next door neighbour. Danielle is an incredibly passionate, caring and diligent individual who cares deeply about her clients and the best outcome for them. I cannot recommend Danielle and her services highly enough."

Fiona Hitchiner @ Parents@Work, June 2020

“I just wanted to say how delightful it was to meet with you, and to say I was very impressed with your summary from our strategy session last week. You are certainly in tune with us and have given us clear guidelines for our next steps. We look forward to further discussions with you in order to grow our business."

Jan W - Care Provider Vic/NSW on the DRC Quality Care Provider Network August 2016

"I have had the pleasure of working with Danielle across two ventures in the aged care sector. In that time I found her to be extremely insightful, possessing a extensive body of knowledge and professional network that enhanced our projects and allowed us to shorten our operational timelines. I hope to work with her again in the future and highly recommend her."

Dan Noble - Growth Advisory Partners January 2016

"As the CEO of Dial-an-Angel, Danielle was a long-time, active member of our Chamber. Danielle is one of the most proactive and professional people I have ever been associated with, and her commitment to anything she puts her mind to is always wholehearted."

Mark Herman - Client Relationship Executive at Australian Institute of Company Directors January 2016

"As the co founder of Lachlan Partners Financial Group and in my role as an Accredited Family Business Advisor I have worked closely with Danielle in her capacity as CEO and Director of Finance and Operations of her family business Dial An Angel and congratulate her for her attitude, willingness and capability to manage a proactive professional national business. The growth of Dial an Angel under Danielle's management has been extraordinary as has the services her business has provided the community. I highly recommend Danielle to any management or Director appointment where she can share the wealth of knowledge gained over many years."

Michael Burton - Principal - Private Client Advisor at Shadforth Financial Group Ltd January 2016


"Dear Danielle, I can’t thank you enough for doing that session for our new starters – they loved it.  Had lots of great feedback, and overwhelmingly positive comments about how they had no idea of the range of services available and scenario’s that we deal with and the options for keeping people at home living independently. It segued perfectly into my client journey & aged care landscape sessions. Thanks again – Love your work!"

Jen Langton @ Aware Super, June 2020 

“As we gather each month we look forward to hearing our 'Guest Speaker' and we all appreciated your visit this afternoon. On behalf of the Concord Combines Probus Club I thank you for your wonderful presentation to our members at today's meeting."

Marion Ryan - Concord, NSW February 2020

“Thanks Danielle for an excellent session on Friday. You present very well , a nice style & your passion, knowledge & experience is impactful."

Errol Woodbury @ Woodbury Financial October 2019

“Hi Danielle. Many thanks for your excellent presentation this morning. I have worked a bit in aged care but your breadth and depth of experience is tremendous and I learnt a lot. Hope to see you again soon."

Shaun Madders @ Spry Roughley September 2019

“Danielle gave the Hurstville Ladies Probus a very comprehensive overview about planning ahead as we age. She spoke for almost an hour and gave us a great deal of useful information on how we can plan for the future, especially to suit the person involved. She gave us some great ideas especially to help one stay in one’s home. I can highly recommend Danielle as a guest speaker."

Robin Hunt - Speaker Convenor @ Hurstville Ladies Probus July 2019

“Thank you Danielle for speaking at our ‘lunch and learn’ session for our GSA team on Monday 8 April 2019. You were brilliant Danielle, in fact so good I’m going to use you myself! Additionally, the feedback from the team was that you were extremely interesting and informative. We all got a lot from this and made us think a lot about developing a Life Plan."

Paul Hines - CEO GSA Insurance Brokers April 2019

“I just wanted to quickly touch base with you now that the FBA “NSW Celebrate 17” is done and dusted to say a huge thank you! With the current absence of a NSW State Manager, you have taken such a lead and been hugely involved in the formal part of the evening as MC. Those of us in Head Office that have been overseeing the event ‘from a far’ are incredibly grateful of your ‘over and above’ support and contribution. I’ve had feedback from Alex, the Swaab team and participants that it was a great event, and a wonderful way to finish up a very busy year! I really did appreciate all of your support, it was invaluable...thank you!!! "

Dani Ricato - Events Manager , Family Business Australia December 2017

“Danielle’s in depth knowledge of this challenging area is great. She also approaches the issues for clients in a sympathetic and personable manner which is essential when dealing with what can be an emotional and confusing area for clients to deal with. Working with Danielle is a pleasure too."

James Whiley - Special Counsel, Hall & Wilcox November 2017

“As a trusted advisor to many retirement aged clients it is important to always have a solution to people’s problems. Sometimes your own and sometimes by referral to others. My business is substantially family business advisory , so it was lovely to hear the genesis of both Dial-an Angel and DRC Care Solutions stories when you spoke the other day at Hall & Wilcox Lawyers. I am now comfortable that I know where to go when it comes to review and implementation of in home care solutions when the need arises."

Paul Mannion - Director, Nexia Australia November 2017

“CoVenture recently held a seminar in the Illawarra to help explain how one goes about arranging aged care for themselves and their loved ones where Danielle Robertson presented a very informative session.

She was clear and on topic with her information and the attendees remarked most favourably that it contained very usefull information regarding options for care provided at home or if required to enter and aged care facility as the alternative option.

We can highly recommend Danielle and her service to those who are trying to navigate their way through finding the best aged care outcome at this highly emotional and difficult time to make the very best decision for themselves and their loved ones."

John Cerniauskas - CoVenture Wealth Management and Aged Care Planning October 2017

"We were so very fortunate to recently partner with Danielle at our June Twilight Seminar, where she generously volunteered her time to present an informative and insightful presentation on 'Demystifying Aged Care' to our clients and colleagues. Danielle is an expert in this specialty field with over 30 years experience within the industry, and she shared both personal and client experiences from real life experiences.

Danielle is one of the most passionate and professional people I have ever been associated with and her commitment to the care industry shows in everything she does.

I can't recommend her services more highly and I see the peace of mind and comfort she brings to clients in her consultancy services."

Anita Cohen - Director at Hill Rogers June 2017

“Just a short note to sincerely thank you for your presentation last Friday. It was really well received by our guys and it gave all of them a comprehensive insight into what you do and how we may work together".

Lex Goldsmith - @ Principal edge Financial Services June 2017

“Thanks Danielle for speaking at the Hill Rogers Managers and Partners lunch today. I really appreciate your time and contribution. You were received very well".

Susan Hesse - Manager @ Hill Rogers January 2017

“We would like to thank you for your efforts in speaking for us at our recent annual Congress in Perth. We realise the time and commitment involved in preparing and delivering a presentation, and you played a major role in making the Congress a resounding success. Verbal feedback suggests our attendees greatly enjoyed your session, and shortly we will provide you with formal feedback from our survey. Best of luck for 2017 and we hope to be in touch again in the future".

Dante De Gori (CEO) and Pene Lovett (COO) at Financial Planning Association of Australia December 2016

“Thank you again for making time to speak to our clients yesterday. The feedback has been tremendous, with many clients saying how much they enjoyed your presentation".

Michael Dale - Manager and CFP at Fiducian Financial Services December 2016

“Danielle, thank-you so much for coming to present at or annual Fiducian Client Briefing today. There were over 200 clients in the room and the overwhelming feedback was that your presentation, on how top access both home and residential care was both informative and relevant. They were particularly interested in your explanation of the changes to home care that will come into force in February next year, and your tips and recommendations for navigating the complex aged care system".

Jaqui Irwin - Financial Advisor at Fiducian Financial Services December 2016

“Danielle (as the Australian Nanny Association first past president) was requested to MC our 4th Annual Convention on the Gold Coast . This was the biggest convention we’ve had since inception. Danielle prepared well for the event, even with last minute changes to the schedule, she was unconcerned and managed it in her stride. She ensured the day ran smoothly, professionally and supported the committee as required. Verbal feedback from delegates has been extremely positive. We would be happy to refer Danielle to MC other events as they arise".

Annemarie Samson - President of The Australian Nanny Association November 2016

“On behalf of the Probus Club of Sylvania, I should like to thank you for a most informative and enlightening talk at our recent gathering on the 3rd of November. The information that you provided to us opened our eyes (this correspondent especially) to the many options that ”older people” have when it comes time to realise that we cannot always rely on ourselves. I am sure that the majority of your audience were of a similar mind and hopefully will (because of the clarity of your presentation) take advantage of your input and will come to an understanding that they were not alone ”out there”. Having said that however, many of the people attending where interested in the topic for older family members and friends. They mentioned that "if we don’t know about the type of care options available, we can’t help them". Thank you again and may I wish you every success.

Roger Dobson - President - Sylvania Probus Club November 2016

“On Behalf of Leading Age Services NSW-ACT, we wish to thank you for your role in your panel discussion at the LASA NSW-ACT Congress 2016. Thank you for sharing your knowkledge, skills and inspiration about the future of aged care. The effort and work you put in played a large part in contributing to the huge success of the two days".

Loula Koutrodimos - Acting CEO Leading Age Services Australia NSW-ACT June 2016

"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your involvement in the recent ANRA Members Forum. The calibre of the event achieved would not have been possible without your time and support.

RCSA appreciates your contribution to continuing professional education amongst our members. I hope that you enjoyed the Forum as much as our Members evidently did, and hope the opportunity arises to work with you in the future to continue the development of the recruitment industry towards professional excellence."

Paula Way-James - Manager RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Assocation) November 2015