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What's The Difference Between CHSP & HCP?

Updated: Mar 13

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Navigating aged care funding options can be confusing. Despite years of reform to make it easier for customers, aged care funding can still be difficult and complex to understand.

The current most common in home aged care funding types are Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and Home Care Packages (HCP).

What is CHSP?

The Commonwealth Home Supports Programme is designed to support people over 65 and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over 50 to access in home care support services as they age. These services are generally allocated in lower amounts of funding as those who are assessed to receive these services, are more independent or high functioning and requiring less care than others.

Individuals are provided with approved funding by service types.

Service types include:

●Personal Care

●Domestic Assistance

●Social Support




●Home and Garden Maintenance

●Allied Health Services

What is HCP?

A Home Care Package (HCP) is a funded programme to support people to remain at home and live independently for as long as possible. The funding is allocated against 4 levels of care with different dollar amounts. The funding amount can then be allocated to access the following types of care:

●Case Management

●In Home Care Services e.g. Personal Care Respite

●Allied Health Services (physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapists etc)

●Nursing Services



●Home and Garden Maintenance

How do I access these funded services?

In home aged care services are allocated via My Aged Care, the national aged care navigation and assessment portal. Individuals undergo an initial over the phone assessment of their care needs to determine which level of care is provided. A further assessment of needs and circumstances is completed in the clients home and a funding level is allocated.

Once you receive a letter of approval from My Aged Care, you then need to wait until your funding is released. Depending on the wait list of clients for your level of Home Care Package, there could be a significant wait. Unfortunately, more people want and need help than the Government has packages for.

In the meantime, you may need to source a ‘fee for service’ quality care provider to commence care. When the funding is released you can then organise additional hours of care and assistance (as long as the provider you have selected is ‘an Approved Aged Care Provider).’ The service provider will also conduct a further assessment to develop a detailed care plan for the client (if it hasn’t already been done).

Are these services fully funded?

Some services are fully funded and some are partially funded. This is determined by your personal financial circumstances and the fees determined by your selected service provider. Every person needs to contribute an amount per day for their care even if they are on a pension.

For more information please visit www.myagedcare.gov.au or call 1800 200 422.

Should you require assistance to navigate the Aged Care system or understanding the care options available including which organisations are the quality care providers, please feel free to give Danielle Robertson, DR Care Solutions, a call on 0418 737357 or visit our website www.drccaresolutions.com

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